1 Soul 1 Day Challenge

This is a 21-day Global Soul Winning Challenge that is meant to motivate believers around the globe to actively engage in evangelism and aim to win at least one soul per day for Jesus Christ during the challenge (and beyond). 1S1D is the acronym for a soul a day.

Just as we have dedicated days for marathon prayer and fasting, worship, or teaching, The 1S1D Challenge is a dedicated 21 days of Soul Winning. Recall that all believers have been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-20; Ephesians 4:11-13; Matthew 28:19-20).

Extraordinary Evangelism

The first edition of the 1S1D Challenge took place between September 1st to 21st, 2020 and it has been structured to be an annual event until rapture. The 1S1D Challenge is supported by a team of believers across various denominations in 4 continents.

The 1Soul 1Day Challenge is an opportunity for we believers to take The Gospel to the Nations and usher in a mighty harvest into the Kingdom of God.

Our Core Objectives

The following objectives are expected to be realized by the global challenge:

If you believe you are supposed to be a part of this challenge, you are welcome to sign up and join this movement.

How to participate


These 3 words serves as reminder of how to participate:

Reach, Preach & Reap



Reach out to everyone you know to be part of this mission and also encourage them to join. Discuss it in your family, church, and small groups. Share the awareness materials on social media, tag your friends and encourage them to be part of it.

It’s one of the greatest personal commitments to God to win souls for 21 days.



Preach the gospel daily during the challenge, and prayerfully trust God to save at least 1 soul per day. Start from where you are and with the people you can easily interact with no matter their level in the society.

Try to preach online as well. You can also preach as a team.



No farmer harvests crops and leave them on the field. In like manner, try to obtain contact details of your converts, and encourage them to join a bible believing church or a Christian cell group.

You can also obtain their consent to submit their details on our website (www.1s1d.org) and we will share free materials for new converts with them and can support them to be established in their Christian faith.